10 Hidden Costs of Data Entry Inefficiencies in Ecommerce

Human error and inadequate training are two of the major causes of high error rates in data entry. This can have a negative impact on internal operations, customer satisfaction, and external supplier relationships. It’s essential for organizations to understand how high their error rate is and identify ways to reduce it. Data entry errors can often be detected by picking sample records and conducting a test to ensure that the data entered is accurate. An average data entry error rate is around 1%.

Costs of minimum wage increases ecommerce product entry services


Minimum wage increases have become an increasingly important topic for the ecommerce industry. In recent months, the San Francisco minimum wage was increased and other major cities have followed suit. In San Francisco, a $15 minimum wage was approved, while in Los Angeles, the proposal was expanded to include all workers. Other cities are considering such a proposal, including Chicago and Seattle. The effects of minimum wage increases are expected to be even greater as the holiday season approaches. However, while minimum wages are likely to increase across the board, it is unlikely that ecommerce companies will relocate their operations in search of lower labor costs.


The rising minimum wage has been a major expense for most businesses, and the recent increases have disproportionately affected commerce. According to a recent study by CBRE, an increase in the average hourly wage could add more than $1 million to the annual cost of a warehouse employing 500 people. These costs are passed on to consumers.


Increasing the minimum wage can also cause ripple effects through the labor market. In one study, researchers used data from the U.S. government’s Current Population Survey, a job-posting website, and software from Burning Glass Technologies to estimate the effects of large companies raising their pay rates. They found that while the increase in pay did not put large companies at a competitive disadvantage, it did give local workers a reason to demand raises.

Costs of human errors


One of the major costs for ecommerce businesses is the high cost of human error. On average, a company loses $35 to $50 for every product returned due to human error. While we can’t avoid mistakes completely, we can minimize the impact of human errors through quality assurance practices and tools. For example, shipping software such as ShipWorks’ Quality Assurance feature can reduce errors associated with picking and packing products.


Human errors can lead to a plethora of issues. For example, poor data can lead to misguided decisions, wasted time, and even lost revenue. In addition, poor data can have a negative impact on customer satisfaction and staff morale. It can also lead to a climate of mistrust within the organization.

Costs of manual data entry



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