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ALCOFIND, a brand of DA Tech, is a reliable and perfect manufacturer of alcohol screening breathalyzerIt provides advanced alcohol tester as well as an alcohol screening device

Since its inception in 2002, DA Tech has dedicated itself to the research and development of sensor-related application products, firmly establishing itself as a specializes breathalyzer company and growing as a global leader. 

ALCOFIND breathalyzer offers a diverse range of products for a variety of applications and user environments, with quality certifications for the world’s major breathalyzer markets, including the United States, Europe, and Australia.

The ALCOFIND breathalyzer, which is used in over 50 countries, leads the world market in terms of technology. 

ALCOFIND AF-200PAlcohol Management System Product 

The ALCOFIND AF-200P, which is equipped with a premium Fuel Cell Sensor, is an interactive kiosk designed to check and manage employees’ alcohol levels with a quick test in a variety of workplaces. 

Key Features of AF-200PAlcohol Management System

Ø  Premium fuel cell sensor

Ø  7-inch color touch screen

Ø  Dual test mode (Normal / Quick)

(Normal Mode: Display the actual concentration value by measuring accurate BAC)


(Quick Mode: Display test result as PASS/FAIL according to the set criteria by quickly measuring if the subject has alcohol in their body)

Ø  Prevent circumvention by capturing the image of subject when testing is completed

Ø  User authentication function through card reader or fingerprint reader connectivity (optional)

Ø  Manage and download test data, transfer test results to server, register user information, and adjust operation settings through the ALCOFIND software

Ø  Prevent false tests and provide high test reliability by guiding the ideal breathing position to deduce accurate test results through an embedded distance sensor during test in Quick Test Mode

Ø  Calibration reminder

Ø  Test number display   

If you are looking for an alcohol screening breathalyzer manufacturer, you can find it at ALCOFIND

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