Aluminum Windows Price in Pakistan

Aluminum windows are a form of building material that is added after the primary structure is finished. Aluminum windows enhance a house’s curb appeal. An aluminum window’s sparkling color improves the design. Aluminum Windows Price in Pakistan. The three dozens available aluminum windows are green, white, and blue. Moreover, aluminum windows with various styles and wood textures are available.

The type and quality of aluminum windows affect the pricing. Aside from windows, aluminum is also used for sliding doors with an iron mesh slide.

Numerous aluminum manufacturing enterprises in Pakistan provide various quality, style, and color possibilities.

Aluminum Windows Price in Pakistan 2023

The measurement and kind of doors, windows, and other factors affect the price of aluminum. The consistency and quality of aluminum also impact price, so it’s essential to understand your options before choosing.

Company Name Price per Sq Feet
Standard Aluminum Rs. 800-900
Chawla Aluminium Rs. 850-950
Master Aluminum Rs. 750-1,050
GR Aluminium Rs. 800-950
Prime Aluminum Rs. 950-1,100

Cost of Aluminum Windows 

The price of aluminum windows in Pakistan varies based on the window size. The estimated cost, for instance, for a four-by-four-foot window would be as follows:

4 x 4 equals 16 square feet. The price of a four-foot aluminum window is Rs 9600 if the total square footage is multiplied by the price per square foot, which is 16600. Similarly, divide the total cost of all windows by the number of windows.

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What is Better, Vinyl or Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows are typically more expensive than vinyl windows. Still, they offer several advantages in terms of durability and energy efficiency. Pakistan’s electricity unit price today: Which is better? Additionally, aluminum windows are more resistant to damage from moisture and wind, making them an excellent choice for hurricane-prone homes. On the other hand, vinyl windows are cheaper and easier to put in, making them a good option for homeowners on a tight budget.

Which Paint is ideal for Aluminum Windows?

A common choice for both commercial and residential building are aluminum windows. They are relatively easy to maintain and have a modern, sleek appearance. But, they eventually need to be repainted like any other type of window.

Best Paint for Aluminum Windows

Keep a few things in mind while choosing paint for aluminum windows.

1: The first is the paint finish that you desire. Three fundamental types of paint finishes are glossy, semi-glossy, and flat. Glossy paint has a high sheen and is very durable. Semi-gloss paint offers a lesser sheen and a longer lifespan. Flat paint is less durable and needs more gloss.

2: The kind of primer you need is the second thing to consider. Primer prevents corrosion and aids in the paint’s adhesion to the aluminum surface.


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