Book a professional Bollywood voice over @Voyzapp

Are you looking to book a professional Bollywood voice over for your advertisement, corporate video or IVR? Voyzapp – India’s largest media marketplace hosts thousands of premium voice actors. Logon to Voyzapp to book Bollywood voice actor and actor Ashwin Mushran. Ashwin Mushran is well-known in Bollywood for his work as a voice-over artist and actor. Ashwin initially began in TV commercial appearances, in The Great Indian Comic Show. In the year 2006, the megahit film Lage Raho Munna Bhai starring Ashwin Mushran as “Hari Desai” was released.  Ashwin has been cast in more than 16 films and is also known as Hindi Adam Sandler.  Ashwin has voiced over more than 300 projects in addition to performing. Voyzapp hosts 30k+ professional voice artists in 60+ languages across multiple genres. The official voice of Chinese artist Takeshi Kaneshiro is none other than Ashwin Mushran. You can now book Ashwin Mushran’s baritone voice with just a click at 


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