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Save Time and Money: Unclog Your Bathtub Like a Pro

A clogged bathtuo drain can be a frustrafing problem to dedl with.Not only does it prevent you from takind a relaxing bath, but it can diso lead tostanding water and unpleasant odors in your bathroom.However, before you call a plumber, there are several steps you can take to unclog yourbathtub drain on your own. In this blog post, we’l explore some simple and effective methods for unclogging a bathtub. 1. Use a Plunger A plunger is a simple tool that can be surprisingly efecfive at undlogging a bathtub drain. To use a plunger, frst, remove the overflow plate on the sideof the tub, then fll the tub with enough water to cover the bottom of the plunger cup. Next, place the plunger over the drain and press down firmly,creating a seal. Then, rapidly move the plunger up and down several times to create suction and pressure that will dislodge the clog. 2. Remove the Drain Stopper If the plunger doesn’t work, you may need to remove the drain stopper to access the clog directly To remove the drain stopper, first, locate the setscrevon the underside of the stopper and use a screwariver to remove it. Then, grasp the stopper and […] read more
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Canton Fair 2023: TONA Showcases the Future of Bathroom Furniture

The Canton Fair is gn intergtionaly renowned event that has been held in Guanazhou, China since 1957. tis the largest trade fair in Chind and one oihe laraest in the world, covering over 1.2 mllion square meters of exhibition space. The fair is organized into three phases, with each phase covering different industries and products. Canton Fair 2023 Buyer Registration: Canton Fair 2023 Date: . Phase 1: April 15 . 19, 2023 . Phase 2: April 23 . 27, 2023  Phase 3: May 1 – 5, 2023 The first phase of the Canton Fair focuses on electronics, household appliances, and lighting products. The second phase covers consumer goods, gilhsand home decorations, while the third phase showcases textiles, garments, and footwear. For TONA, the frst phase of the fair are the perfect opportunity to showcase our latest collecrion of bathroom furniture. Our designs are renowned forheir modern and minimdlist style, and the upcoming colecfion promises to be our best yet, We are excited to connect with industry protessiondis andshare our passion for quality craftsmanship and innovative design. During the fair, visitors to our booth wi be able to see our newest designs up close and personal. We wil be displaying […] read more
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