Technology coupled with agriculture has brought about one of the most positive changes to the world of farming in recent yesteryears. With the world population reaching a high of 7.7 billion as on November 2018, the food demand has gone higher up the chart. With the intention of eradicating the gap between the demand-supply chart and to bring in more technological advancements into modern agricultural practices, International Tractors Limited (ITL) set on a revolutionary journey in 1996. Providing high-quality products to farming communities worldwide, ITL, with the brand name SOLIS, offers agricultural solutions for all kinds of farming requirements. SOLIS, a manufacturer of tractors, farm machinery attachments, engines, diesel gensets, auto components and pick & carry cranes, has now established itself as the 3rd largest of its kind in India and 6th largest globally. With a workforce of over 5,500 employees with 400+ Engineers into R&D and Design, SOLIS is empowering 1,300,000 farmers all over the world, helping them realize their dreams of taking agriculture to a new high. With a production of 300,000 tractors annually and 1,300,000 tractors for sale is already done in worldwide, the brand has gained the trust of farmers in 140+ countries outside India. In fact, Solis […] read more