Canada is a dream place to live and work for many Indians as other countries people want to go there. There are many Indian companies in Canada hiring working on job visa The highest level of life, a wide range of career opportunities, excellent working conditions, experience, competitive earnings, and a low unemployment rate are all factors. Above all, Canada offers the best-paying jobs on the planet. It’s no surprise that many Indians move to Canada in search of work. After all, Canada, like every other foreign country, has its own set of restrictions for international workers. We’ll show you how to get a job in Canada if you’re from India. Let’s dive in! Fly-High is one of the most prominent and best immigration consultants in Amritsar to Canada & across the globe Documents For Jobs In Canada If you want to apply for a Canadian work permit in India, you must have these documents for a work visa: Professional Resume Cover Letter supporting your job application Documents of Previous Employment Payslips for salary evidence Identity proof Visa/Work Permit Types of Work Visa Categories Here are the types of Canadian work permits in India: Work Permit for Employers A work permit issued […] read more