The short movie which is a documentary of 41 minutes was released worldwide on 9 November 2022 at a movie festival of documentaries (Doc NYC Film Festival) named The Elephant Whispers. This movie won everyone’s hearts for so many reasons. Reason Behind this Movie Winning Oscar:   ●     It is a nonfictional movie, which means it is based on true events and reality. ●     This movie does not promote any hatred, jealousy, insecurity, or other evils which are really common in other movies but it promotes love, security, and every other good deed. ●     Also, it shows how we humans are still connected to nature and how loving and pure it is. ●     They wanted to show the good side of the world and wanted us to know that there is still hope for us to save the world through their emotional narration.   Now you must be wondering what is the role of Mudumalai in the whole story. This national park plays an essential role in this story as this story starts with this national park. The movie is about the intense love between the loving couple and the two adopted elephants. The couple belongs to the Kattunayakan.   […] read more