The future scope of fashion designing in India is not limited to India only however you can have job opportunities aboard as well with your creativity and experience fashion designing classes in pune The Indian fashion industry is estimated to be around 108 billion dollars and is expected to grow 2X by next year and to be estimated to be around 223 billion dollars. It’s also an encouraging factor that consumers spend around 6% of their incomes on apparel. While Covid-19 has dented the market as it did for various industries, the sector still presents invigorating opportunities for those who want to pursue a career in it nevertheless. In a country as massive as India, despite dips in trends, the demand will stay up. Fashion in India is also very versatile, it is defined by diverse cultures, traditions, and also sometimes by western trends. The industry in itself is so big that there are boundless opportunities for various skill sets. Fashion Design and Fashion Technology are one of the most lucrative careers you can take up.   Having said that, fashion designing can be a demanding career, has cut-throat competition, and would require you to be always on your toes […] read more