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We know that earrings are one of the most famous pieces of jewellery worn by people all over the world. An earring is a jewellery item that decorates our ear. Apart from earrings, there are other ornaments like studs, sleepers etc. These ornaments are various classifications of earrings, but jewellery items like studs can also be worn on other parts of our body. Before moving on to the different types of ear jewellery pieces, let us check out the various parts of an ear, where these items are worn most commonly. The Ear Lobe: Ear lobe is the lower hanging area of our ear. It is the most common area of ear-piercing. The cartilage tissue is not present in the ear lobes, unlike other ear parts. Piercings can be made on both upper lobe and lower lobe. Tragus: Tragus is the small curved part of the external ear which connects the ear to our head. It projects immediately in front of the ear canal. Earring models like studs can be pierced in this region. Ear Concha: It is the area present next to the ear canal, inside the ear cartilage. Conch piercings have become popular among the youth over the past […] read more
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What makes for a perfect fashion statement is accessorizing outfits with the most suitable jewellery sets. Fancy jewellery sets are more in fashion now than ever before because they add glamour and sparkle to the appearance and personality of the wearer. Why Fancy Jewelry Sets More fancy jewellery sets are preferred over precious metals and stones and real jewellery because they are less expensive, versatile and are today created in the most beautiful designs. Moreover, they are easier to handle, store and maintain. Fancy Jewelry Sets that you can wear with different clothes. You can wear fancy jewellery sets with the many different clothing styles of today. Statement Necklace Set: White shirt equates with a professional setup, and most women wear white shirts more often. To get rid of the drab feeling when you have worn a white shirt too many times, you can set it off by wearing a stunning statement necklace and earring-bangles set. You can pair the shirt with faded jeans to keep the focus on the necklace or even wear an ethnic skirt. This will be a perfect outfit for semi-formal office get-togethers or family functions that you have to breeze into after office hours. Kundan Necklace Set: Kundan jewellery will […] read more
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Watches made of gold are not uncommon in the world of jewellery. The number of design options available in gold watches is perhaps just as much as regular watches these days. Of course, the most traditional one is yellow, but it is often thought of as rather odd-looking nowadays with anything other than vintage-inspired outfits. But then again you wouldn’t want anything else for vintage.Rose is the more popular type of gold for modern timepieces. Types of Gold watchesThey say all that glitters is not gold. But not in case of watches though.. It is indeed possible to have a timepiece with a strong gold case, but it will also probably cost you more than say a vehicle. There are, however, other choices.Physical vapour deposition : a process in which the material selected, whether gold, steel or coal, is vaporized and then placed on the watch’s base, melding two substances for a long-lasting finish.Another option is gold plating, which involves merely adding a thin layer of gold over another metal. It may offer a real gold appearance, but it is more prone to ageing, scratches, and overall wear-and-tear. The Best Gold WatchesTudor Glamour Automatic :When we think of Tudor, the first thing […] read more
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Cufflinks are jewellery items used for securing shirt cuffs. It comes under the category of costume jewellery associated with Men’s shirts. Materials like glass, stone, leather, metal, precious metal or a combination of all these used for manufacturing cufflinks. French and Buttoned Cuff are two of the most popular types among cufflink model. A French cuff or a double cuff is essentially a two-layered folded fabric. It is worn either with both edges pointing outwards or in barrel style. Barrel style cufflinks are usually preferred as they go well with office wear. A buttoned cuff is comfortable to wear and is seen in different finishes; square, round or notched. When we take a look at the design, we can observe a range of variations and the most traditional one is in the form of a chain connecting two disc-shaped parts, both decorated. Whaleback and toggle back cufflinks, on the other hand, have one side flat refurbished and the other side shows just the swivel bar and its post. In the 1990s, bright-coloured silk knot cufflinks with elastic sections were the most popular type. Patterns Cufflinks vary from traditional to contemporary styles. When its visible part is decorated with a birthstone, it expresses a […] read more
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Historical movies are a feast for everyone’s eyes owing to the grandeur and splendor portrayed in them. The latest historical movie that captivated all audience across the country was the epic film Bahubali. The movie was a visual spectacle with its impressive special effects, and the breathtakingly beautiful costumes and jewelry worn by the characters made it even more special. Not many know that each piece of jewelry worn in the movie was specially handcrafted for the movie. Artisans from Jaipur created these stunning pieces that stood out throughout the movie. Since Bahubali was set in a historical setting, the lead characters have great prominence, and the jewelry used have been uniquely designed keeping in mind the personalities of the characters. All the ornaments used in the movie made a perfect statement of elegance and glamour. The entire collection comprises of traditionally crafted jhumkas, anklets, heavy necklaces, thick kadas, bangles, maang tikkas, nose rings, and waistbands. Each of these looked stunning on the beautiful characters and became a part of the movie, thanks to their royal touch. Ever since the movie got released, the jewelry industry has been buzzing with these new designs. Every jewelry brand has its collection of intricately […] read more
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Padmavati is a Hindi movie, which was released in 2018. The movie had a vast cast including, Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh, Shahid Kapoor, etc. It was a highly celebrated movie due to the controversies related to the storyline of the movie. The movie was based on a legendary Rajput queen, Padmavati- who committed Jauhar (mass suicide) along with other Rajput ladies when Alauddin Khilji conquered their land in the 12th or 13th century. Along with the storyline, the jewellery used in the movie also became very famous. Padmavati Jewellery is renowned for its dazzling beauty. Padmavati Jewellery was designed by an exceptional creative team of designers to design the jewellery pieces according to the visions of the director, Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Around 200 craftsmen worked to create the beautiful jewellery used in the movie. The craftsmen worked for 600 days, moulding 400 kilos of gold. The jewellery is mostly based on Southern culture-since the queen hailed from Sri Lanka. The team has also incorporated Rajasthani, Turkish, Afghani, and Buddhist culture in the designs. Most of the Padmavati Jewellery has a base of gold. The jewellery used by the Rajputs in the movie is designed based on Rajput Kundan Jewellery, which was adorned with […] read more
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Paisley designs are quite popular in the jewellery world. Be it in necklaces or earrings or rings, jewellery lovers adore paisley motifs. It is truly a classic and evergreen style of design. It is one of the most popular and well-accepted designs in India and is worn with much pride in western countries as well. The Scottish people coined the word “paisley” after the town of Paisley in Scotland. In India, especially in Kerala, paisley designs are most commonly referred to as ‘manga’ which means mango. The same design is also known as twisted teardrop, kidney shape etc. in other parts of the country. The paisley also plays a vital role in the lives of people in India. In Kerala, the ‘manga mala’ which is a traditional necklace with paisley motifs are often worn by Hindu brides with great pride. Today, the ‘manga mala’ is available in various improvisations such as with gemstones embedded in them and in contemporary styles. This advancement has made it tempting to the brides of other religions as well, and nowadays, the ‘manga mala’ is worn by everyone regardless of their religion. Paisley designs are also suitable for creating pendants. It’s an alluring treat to the eyes to see the […] read more
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Anklets or ankle bracelets are ornaments used to wear around the ankles. The history of anklets can be traced back to the early Sumerian and Mesopotamian civilizations. Some cultures believe that wearing anklets can avoid negative energies. It was during the ’90s that the anklet fashion was at its peak. Then it went out of fashion. Now after all these years anklets have officially made a comeback. They are used as a fashion statement rather than just an ornament these days. You can wear it on one leg or both legs. The choice is yours. One thing to be remembered is that whichever design you pick, make sure you wear it with style. Stay updated in fashion trends. Here we are going to help you pick anklets in the latest trends. Let’s look at some cute anklet designs trending in online shopping sites today. Golden Anklets From ancient Egyptians times, golden anklets have always been a symbol of luxury. Decorated with precious stones and patterns, they are often worn during special occasions by fashion lovers. For a daily casual look, you can try out thin gold chains having a single layer or multiple layers. This is indeed one of the top trends nowadays. You […] read more
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