The IT service management (ITSM) field is constantly evolving and ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is no exception. ITIL is the most commonly used ITSM framework and is continuously updated to keep pace with the ever-changing technology landscape. In this blog, let’s explore the future of ITIL and discuss emerging trends and innovations that are shaping its evolution. Future of ITIL and emerging trends related to ITIL ITIL 4: The Latest Evolution of ITIL – ITIL4 is the latest version of the ITIL framework, which was introduced in 2019. It represents a significant shift from the previous version, ITIL v3, with a focus on delivering value in the digital age. ITIL v4 introduces new concepts such as the Service Value System (SVS) and the Four Dimensions of Service Management, which emphasize the importance of collaboration, agility, and customer-centricity in IT service delivery. ITIL 4 Foundation certification is provided to individuals with a solid understanding of the ITIL 4 framework and its key principles. Agile and DevOps Integration with ITIL – Agile and DevOps methodologies have gained traction in recent years for their ability to enable faster and more flexible software development and delivery. ITIL has recognized the importance of these […] read more