Gond art is a unique style of painting that originated in the Gond community of central India. This art form is deeply rooted in nature and is characterized by intricate patterns, vibrant colors and intricate play of lines. In recent years, gond art has become immensely popular and is being incorporated into modern homes and art galleries.   History of gond art   The Gonds are one of India’s largest indigenous communities and their art reflects their close relationship with nature. Gond art is passed down from generation to generation, with each artist having their own unique style. Traditionally, gond art was applied to the walls and floors of houses, and the paints used were made from natural materials such as charcoal, mud, and cow dung. Painted on paper, canvas and fabric using materials.   The beauty of gond art   One of the unique features of Gond art is the use of dots and lines to create intricate patterns. These patterns reflect the Gond people’s connection to nature and various elements such as trees, animals and birds. The colors used in gond art are also important and come from natural sources such as charcoal, turmeric and indigo. The vibrancy […] read more