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April 30, 2024

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Refrigerator Repair near Fort Myers, Naples, Cape Coral, Marco Island, Bonita, and Estero FL

Refrigerator repair can be one of the most complex repairs, as more than one component can be at fault. Most owners find they can throw a refrigerator manual out the window, when trying to find the problem. It could also be more than one problem. Residents of Lee and Collier counties are quick to call their local Appliance Doctor Inc. number in order to have an experienced, licensed and insured technician out the same day to fix their refrigerator promptly. What could possibly be wrong?! We can repair anything from ice build-up, to water leaking, to no cooling at all or loud, scary noises coming from your refrigerator. Or the refrigerator may not be running or cycling on and off at all. Refrigerator repair could be something like the shelves not being properly supported, or a door not closing properly. No cooling at all is going to be a major issue with food spoilage potential, especially in Southwest Florida, which is one reason Appliance Doctor Inc. is committed to guaranteeing same day service.   read more
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Freezers & Ice Maker Repair near Fort Myers, Naples, Cape Coral, Marco Island, Bonita, and Estero FL

Is your freezer not cold enough, or making too much frost? Is your ice maker not getting any water, or serving up only crushed ice when you want cubes? Maybe you are not sure how to clean your ice maker or freezer, and the clutter or accumulated frost is creating a repair need. Ice maker and freezer repair calls are some of the most frequent calls we get at our Lee and Collier County service centers. At Appliance Doctor Inc., we understand you need these appliances to be in working order, to keep food safe and frozen at the right temperature, and to keep ice cubes ready for your favorite beverage. The same day service team at Appliance Doctor Inc. is ready to take your call for help when you need it, whether it is a leak in your ice maker or freezer, clogged drains, excessive frost build up or the freezer running constantly, etc. We will also be happy to provide helpful suggestions on how to avoid freezer burn and routine ice maker and freezer maintenance suggestions, such as turning off the ice maker if you are going to be awayfrom home for extended periods.   read more
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