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Tom Bible Law

Tom Bible Law provides more than four decades of combined experience in bankruptcy law to clients from Chattanooga and throughout Tennessee and North Georgia.

We are a trusted, local law firm dedicated to helping clients achieve their debt relief goals. We offer personal, attentive client service to each and every client. Open six days a week, we offer affordable rates and flexible payment plans.

Law Office of W. Thomas Bible, Jr. proudly remains a local firm. Our doors are open to all clients and we pledge to offer the kind of personal attention, experienced counsel, and affordable rates that our customers deserve.

Our firm is not focused on the quantity of bankruptcies we handle, but rather on delivering high-quality bankruptcy representation to each and every client.

We take the time to do bankruptcy right. We will carefully analyze your debt situation and your overall financial picture to determine the debt relief option that is right for you. If your bankruptcy is not handled with care, it can cost you significant time and money. A single misstep on a bankruptcy petition can derail your debt relief goals. Without a thorough understanding of Tennessee bankruptcy exemptions, you could lose property and assets you should be able to keep.

We save our clients money by doing it right the first time. We will handle your bankruptcy filing with the utmost care and attention to detail.


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