Top 4 Things That You Should Never Keep In A Wallet

When you are planning on getting new Dango wallets, you may be confused about what you should keep in it. It would help if you always kept your wallet organized and free of any unnecessary articles. There are various articles on what you should keep in the wallet. However, there are a few things that you should never keep because they can be unnecessary and may also hamper your safety and security. So, if you wish to learn about such things, keep reading.

Birth Certificate

Your birth certificate is probably one of your most important documents that would be required at various places to verify your age. Hence, you should not take it everywhere with you because in case your Dango Dapper wallets are lost, your birth certificate will also be gone. Hence, you should keep it safely at your home and should only take it with you whenever necessary.


In today’s time, we are surrounded by devices and accounts on every single platform. There are so many passwords that we need help remembering them. In this situation, a lot of people keep their passwords saved in their wallets. This is surely a wrong practice. In case your wallet is stolen, the thief will also get access to all your accounts. Never store your passwords in your wallet if you do not want this to happen.


A lot of people have the habit of forgetting their ATM pins. They keep the PINs stored in their wallet so that they can easily access them whenever they need to withdraw cash. But in case your wallet is stolen, the person will also have your PIN and can easily get the cash that you have in your bank account.

Spare Keys

Do you have a habit of misplacing your car or home keys? In this situation, you may have thought of storing them in your wallet. But you should never do so because if the wallet is misplaced, your keys will also be gone. The thief can easily get access to your home or car with keys. So, you should never keep your spare keys in the wallet, as it can be a major safety threat.

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