What is DT Meter Box and its Features?

In the context of three phase direct connected metering, a DT Meter Box is a Meter box. Current Transformers are already included with this integrated metre, therefore no additional CTs or accessories are needed. Thread-through connections, a fun idea, served as the foundation for the creation of the equipment. It maintains your revenue integrity and overall system accuracy.

A distribution transformer’s DT Meter Box is a specialised hardware tool used to gather and measure data on the flow of electricity into and through the transformer. MACROPLAST manufactures, supplies, distributes, trades, and exports a variety of DT Meter Boxes.

Under the supervision of knowledgeable experts, the product is carefully made from the highest quality materials. The goods meet quality requirements and are praised for their top-notch quality, exceptional strength, dependability, and durability. The DT Meter box is customised by MACROPLAST to meet customer needs.


Salient Features:-

1. Wing Bolt for easy grip while opening

2. Removable Lid for easy Operation

3. Anchoring Holes for Solid Fixation (Provisional)

4. Padlock Provision for Locking Box


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