Which are the best iit jam coaching institutes?

This can be considered as a very popular question among a lot of students who are planning to pursue their post graduation at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). Here, we will be discussing the best iit jam coaching institutes. JAM, or Joint Admission Test for Masters, is an annual examination held for admitting students to IITs Master of Science program. Since it is a crucial and important examination for the students, they may often face a dilemma in choosing the right coaching center for them. In addition to that, these days, the students are provided both online as well as offline coaching. This is mainly because of the fact that the online tutoring saves a significant amount of time that would otherwise be spent traveling in the case of offline coaching. So without further delay, let us take a look at some of the bestcoaching institutes for IIT JAM.


IFAS, India’s best iit jam coaching institute

IFAS is the leading coaching center for IIT JAM preparation. Their coaching programs and methods are designed with the thought of helping the students understand the concept from the basic level and then helping them to slowly reach the advanced level with constant guidance. They provide three types of coaching packages. The first one is for 6 months, followed by 12 months and 24 months. Their live classes are held for six days a week, from Monday to Saturday. Their daily lectures are recorded so that the students can use them for revision. Other than this, they provide daily practice papers for each session. They also take weekly tests. At the end of the course, the students are provided with five IIT JAM model papers to solve. These questions are later discussed in a live session to clarify the doubts of the students. The students can use the IFAS app to obtain daily notes, lectures, test papers, and analysis.



GATEIIT can also be regarded as one of the best iit jam coaching institutes out there. Their course aims to improve students’ analytical and conceptual skills through qualified live classes and quality video lectures. Their course is developed in such a way that each student can have a one on one session with the faculty members. The concepts are divided and taught in great detail by the faculty members of GATEIIT. Their institute is known for creating a good interactive environment with the students during the lectures. They also provide the students with relevant study materials, solved questions, and sample tests. After the completion of the syllabus, the students are provided with a test series. They also offer a special program that is part of their course. In this program, they explain the question patterns and time management for completing the paper to the students through a live session. The syllabus is also revised several times during these live classes. The main thing that distinguishes GATEIIT from other coaching institutes is that they provide high quality live lecture videos to the students.



Thus, based on our discussion of the topic “best iit jam coaching institutes”, we can conclude that there are many excellent coaching centers out there that provide high quality teaching programs to help students crack the IIT JAM. In this article we have discussed in detail about two such coaching centers. These are the top two coaching centers in India and they are IFAS and GATEIIT. Thus, this discussion can be regarded as extremely beneficial for all the students who are planning to crack the IIT JAM examination this year. It will give them a clear idea about the top coaching centers and will assist them in selecting the best one.


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