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Know Everything About Punsavan Sanskar

Rituals and traditions hold a significant place in Indian culture. Each and every tradition practiced in our country has a scientific reason along with a spiritual one. In some ways or another, they add meaning to our lives and make them better. When it comes to pregnancy, Garbh Sanskar is a crucial practice that has existed since the Vedic period. Of all the sixteen sanskars of Garbh Sanskar, Punsavan Sanskar is one of the most important sanskars, as it inculcates good health and positive qualities in your child.   To get all the information about Punsavan Sanskar, download the Krishna Coming Garbh Sanskar App from the Play Store for free and access the best online garbh sanskar course. read more
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What is Garbh Sanskar? | Krishna Coming Garbh Sanskar

According to ancient Indian scriptures Multiplication of Virtues & Division of Defects is called ‘Sanskar’. Good deeds done in repetitive action in such a way that it becomes your nature. This is the process of imparting Sanskars. Now the question arises ‘What is garbh sanskar?’ read more
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Best Garbh Sanskar App – Krishna Coming

If you’re pregnant, you need to read this! Krishna Coming Garbh Sanskar app is the world’s first and one-of-a-kind pregnancy companion mobile application. It has been created after years of research by some of India’s top gynecologists, IITians, Scientists, Vedmurtis and Garbh Sanskar Acharyas.  They have all gathered together in order to make pregnancy a positive, spiritual, healthy, and stress-free experience while also shaping the ‘Mann’ (soul), intellect and sanskars of the child inside the womb. Garbh Sanskar is a combination of two words: Garbh and Sanskar. Garbh means womb and sanskar means having a perspective or vision on life. In life, we’re often faced with two choices: read more
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Garbh Sanskar | Krishna Coming Garbh Sanskar

Do you know what is Garbh Sanskar and How to do Garbh Sanskar at home? Here find the details about the Garbhsanskar, its benefits, starting from which month, & all. read more
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How To Do Garbh Sanskar At Home

If you’re a pregnant woman, read this blog carefully! Before we get onto the topic of how to do Garbh Sanskar at home, you need to understand the importance of Garbh Sanskar. Pregnancy is one of the most exciting experiences in a woman’s life. It is the beginning of a completely new phase of life. This is when she goes from being a creation towards being a creator. You’re currently going through this phase. Chances are that, at the moment, you feel both excited and overwhelmed. You may be full of thoughts and worries about the child you’re carrying in your womb. You might be concerned about your physical and mental health as well. As a soon-to-be-mother, we’re sure that you’re doing everything you possibly can for your health and the baby. You are eating well, following the doctor’s advice, and taking all your vitamins. However, ask yourself this – is that enough? What you’re doing will ensure the physical health of the child but what about his emotional and spiritual health? Is good health the only quality you want in your child? What about intelligence, kindness, obedience, devotion to God and calmness? Don’t you want your child to have these qualities as […] read more
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